Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What are you doing now?

"Naomi Campbell is the best top model on the catwalk. 

In the photo she's modelling casual clothes by Calvin Klein. Naomi's wearing a grey jacket and matching grey top. She's wearing blue jeans too. For a perfect look, she's wearing a golden belt and some bracelets.

But Naomi is sophisticated. She never wears casual clothes when she isn't working. She prefers dresses and high-heeled sandals or boots."

In the text there are verbs in red and verbs in purple. Which verb forms are these? When do we use the verb in the red form? When do we use the verb in the purple form?
Meet the Present Continuous Guy and try these activities:

Revise the Present Simple and try then these activities about Present Simple and Present Continuous:

Now try these listening activities. They are a bit difficult for you, but don't worry. Listen to them and read the transcript later.

Activities by courtesy of Isabel Bastida.

Finally, watch these videos about the Present Continuous:
Video 1 - Present Continuous - 1 - (Theory)

Video 2 - Present Continuous - 2 - (Theory)
Video 3 - Present Continuous - (Review)

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