Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Past Simple: REGULAR and IRREGULAR Verbs

- READING ACTIVITY - "Sherlock Holmes, a great detective".

Sherlock holmes was born in England on 6th January, 1854. He worked as a detective and Doctor Watson helped him. They shared a house at 221B Baker Street in London and they travelled a lot.
  Sherlock Holmes didn't believe in superstition and he was famous for his logic and astute observation to solve difficult cases, so he always caught the murderer.
  Apparently, he never fell in love with a woman. However, Irene Adler stole his heart because she was very good at deduction too. 

  • Can you identify the verbs that are in the Past Simple form? 
  • Can you say the infinitive of those verbs? 
- Past Simple (1) (Read the information and do the activities on this website).
- Past Simple Irregular Verbs (1) 
- Past Simple Irregular Verbs (2) 
- Past Simple Regular & Irregular Verbs (1)
- Past Simple Regular & Irregular Verbs (2) 
- Past Simple Regular & Irregular Verbs (3)  

- VIDEO - Irregular Verbs.

- READING - Exam Practice
Read this story and answer the questions.
To read the story "Two sisters and a cat", click HERE

- LISTENING - Exam Practice
Try this listening activity where a woman talks about her wedding day.
Click HERE to listen and then check your answers.

- GAME 2 - A CHALLENGE - Irregular Verbs! (Very interesting and useful).
Click HERE to play. The instructions are very easy. Enter your name or login as "guest", then choose the level Beginner or Easy. After that, click on Cue and you can start the game. Write the infinitive, past simple and past participle and finally click on Check to see if your answers were correct. Good luck!

- VIDEO - What did you do yesterday?

What did you do yesterday? A Real English Classic por realdogswimming

Finally, click HERE to read the transcript. (Una vez hayáis visualizado el vídeo las veces que os sean necesarias, pinchad en ese enlace para poder leer todo lo que dicen las personas entrevistadas en el vídeo).

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