Saturday, 12 February 2011

Play, Go or Do with Various Sports

Let's talk about sports! Do you know when you have to use PLAY, GO or DO?
  1.  Use PLAY with competitive games that you can play and also with sports or activities which you need a Ball (pelota) to play. (Usa PLAY con deportes de competición en los que además tengas que utilizar una pelota).
Examples: - He plays basketball, football and squash. He loves playing hockey, too.
- Carlos loves playing tennis with his girlfriend. 
- I don't like playing table tennis. It's boring.
- We like playing volleyball but we hate playing handball.
Other sports or games you can use with the verb PLAY: Chess (ajedrez), Cards (cartas), Baseball, Golf, American football, etc.

   2.  Use GO with activities that you can do alone (actividades o deportes que puedes hacer sólo, sin nadie más). These sports or activities normally finish with -ing. (Usa GO con deportes o actividades que acaben con -ing y que normalmente puedes realizar por ti mismo, sin nadie más).

Examples: - I go jogging twice a week.
- We go windsurfing every day in the summer.
- My wife loves horse riding. (montar a caballo)
- I hate going swimming very early in the morning.
- She likes going cycling with her children on Sundays. 
- Rollerblading (Patinar con patines de ruedas en línea) is my favourite sport. I go rollerblading every day.
Other sports you can use with the verb GO: go skating (ir a patinar), go ice skating (ir a patinar sobre hielo), running, etc.

    3.  Use DO with the rest of sports or activities. (Usa DO con el resto de deportes o actividades, aquellos que no utilizan una pelota ni acaban en -ing).
Examples: - She does gymnastics twice a week.
- I love doing karate.
- I hate doing yoga.
- She doesn't like doing judo every day.
- He loves doing athletics.(atletismo)
Other sports you can use with the verb DO: aerobics, taichi, tawkondo, etc. 


Marina Aroca said...

Hola Rafael, eres muy generoso compartiendo con nosotros todas estas lecciones.Se nota que te gusta enseñar. Thank you

Rafa Arabit said...

Hello Marina! You are right, I really love teaching. Thank you very much for your words.