Sunday, 21 November 2010

Welcome to The Beginner's Corner

Hello my dear students! Welcome to our Basic Level 1 blog!

How are you doing? This is our new blog and its name is "The Beginner's Corner" (El rincón del principiante).

Espero que el blog verdaderamente os sirva como complemento a las clases. Aquí encontraréis material de refuerzo y ampliación de los contenidos estudiados en clase.
Próximamente tendréis material y vídeos para empezar a trabajar.

See you in class!

Rafa Arabit


Marina said...

Hello Rafael.How´s it going? I´m Marina.
The idea that blog help we at study Englis.
I think it´s great!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks you for you dedicacion.
Best whises.
xxx ooo

Rafa A.G. said...

Hi Marina! I am good, thanks. I am glad that this blog helps you to study English. Keep on posting comments in English whenever you want.
See you tomorrow in class!

Best wishes!